White Sage & Sunflower Smudge with Picture Jasper

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The sunflower is associated with the sun and all solar deities. Its essence helps balance the first chakra and also helps with confidence in leadership roles. Burning white sage + sunflowers helps to bring positive energy to the home.

Picture jasper are used for grounding and harmonizing and have a strong connection with earth energy.

  • 4” Length
  • Organic
  • Hand tied with natural cotton string
  • Woodsy and herbaceous overtones
  • Includes picture jasper stone
  • Packaged in a colored mesh drawstring bag
    Sage is used to “wash off” the outside world when one enters ceremonial rituals or a sacred space. Objects can also be washed off. The smoke is meant to remove unwanted influences, drive negative energy away and to bless and cleanse the person or object being smudged, for spiritual purification, house blessings and spiritual cleansing. Intention is a key component when smudging. Be clear on what you want to achieve. Do what ultimately ‘feels right’ for you.