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Water Dragon Fairy Figurine

Water Dragon Fairy Figurine

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This valiant fairy is braced to brave the billows to mingle with a dragon. The Water Dragon Fairy Statue shows her perched near the foam, stretching out to a blue and yellow dragon. The base is painted to look like the moody gray seas topped with whitecaps. The fairy wears a shimmery silver dress sprinkled with swirls resembling flowers. Her black tresses are highlighted with blue and are tied up at the back. Show-stopping black-and-blue wings fan out behind her. In front of her, an eye-catching blue-and-yellow dragon breaks the waves, allowing her to reach out and stroke its neck. With its gorgeous, intricate design, the Water Dragon Fairy statue is a perfect fit for any fantasy collection or decor style.

  • Measures: 13.25" W x 14" H x 10.5" D
  • Material: Resin



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