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Snowy Owl Wine Goblet

Snowy Owl Wine Goblet

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Snowy owls are avian creatures of mystery and magic. Add a touch of mystery and magic to your everyday life by drinking from the Snowy Owl Goblet. Made from cold cast resin, this hand-painted goblet depicts a white owl. Its body faces left as it looks towards the viewer with yellow eyes. Behind the owl is a circular, blue background. This circular design occurs around the cup of the goblet. Silver-colored detailing, including pentacle designs, surrounds the owl imagery. The intricate knotwork-like detailing continues onto the stem. A ring with faux red gems adorns the center of the stem. Then, the goblet finishes with a circular base which also has the knotwork motif. Finally, this goblet has a stainless-steel insert. This insert makes the goblet safe for drinking. 
  • Made of designer resin, hand painted
  • Measures approximately 7.5 inch tall, 3 inch diameter
  • 7oz beverage capacity
  • Removable stainless steel insert for hand washing only



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