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Moonlight Rose (Wild Rose) Perfume Oils

Moonlight Rose (Wild Rose) Perfume Oils

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Moonlight Rose ( formally known as Wild Rose ) perfumes are perfect for rolling onto your skin or your favorite oil diffusing jewelry. With scents ranging from romantic to spiritual and from floral to bohemian, you’re sure to find your new favorite fragrance!
1/3 Fluid oz.
Made in the USA
Amber – An ancient scent which dates back to the Egyptians, amber emits a warm, musky and rich scent reminiscent of honey with touches of citrus, woods, and spice.
Arabian Musk – A strong, rich scent with small hints of spice and soap that will take you away to the Arabian deserts of the Sahara.

Egyptian Musk – Seductive and soft, this fragrance blends soft floral notes, light powder and musk to create a unique and enticing scent.

Enchanted Woods – This bewitching blend of pleasant juniper and calming lavender with deeper earthy notes of sage and patchouli brings your senses deep into the heart of the forest.

Fairy Mist – This mystical blend of light floral, sweet citrus, and subtle woods will make you believe in magic.

Honeysuckle – Fruity and warm, this sweet blend made from fragrant honeysuckle flowers features hints of honey and ripe citrus.
Japanese Cherry Blossom – This fresh, floral scent is a perfect blend of cherry blossom, Asian pear, fresh mimosa petals, white jasmine and blushing sandalwood.

Jasmine – A soft and floral mix of jasmine with a hint of fresh lily touched by green and sparkling top notes with an earthy Sandalwood base.

Lavender – Stop and smell the flowers with this pleasant floral and sweet scent with relaxing herbal undernotes.
Lilac – A sweet scent with a fresh floral aroma.

Nag Champa Flora - An exceptionally popular blend around the globe, this harmonizing scent cleanses your space with its rich, sweet, flowery, and earthy aroma.
Patchouli - An essential oil from Indonesia and the surrounding areas, Patchouli is deep, luxurious and earthy.

Rain – This clean scent brings to mind the aroma of freshly fallen raindrops and calm air after a cleansing sun shower.

Sandalwood – A sweet woody aroma with hints of amber, jasmine, and musk that come together to create a delightfully meditative fragrance.
Sensuality – Delicate florals blended with opium, jasmine and vanilla for a rich and complex scent.

Tranquility – A refreshing scent of sandalwood, rose, white pine, and sage.

Vanilla – Soft and sweet, this vanilla blend has a sensual, luxurious, and calming aroma.
White Gardenia – Delicate notes of gardenia are enriched with hints of rose and softened with fresh orchid blossoms.



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