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Celestial Necklace • Venus Rising

Celestial Necklace • Venus Rising

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Since ancient times people have respected the forces of nature; seeing divinity in mother earth, the sun, the moon, and all in life. The creative energies of the universe are represented by Celestial bodies, personified as feminine and masculine, and honored in rituals celebrating cycles of the year.

  • Made in USA
  • Heavy duty pewter pendant
  • Adjustable, black slider cord Necklace
  • Maximum length of 28 inches

Crescent Moon Symbolism

The crescent is one of the oldest symbols known to humanity, dating back to the earliest Mesopotamian civilizations.  The crescent moon symbolizes change and flux, the eternal cycles of life, lunar deities and lunar magic. Some magickal associations of the moon include fertility, spirituality, wisdom, psychic perception, dreams, and contemplation.



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