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Dragon Witch Furionchires Figurine

Dragon Witch Furionchires Figurine

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In the heat of battle, this warrior woman leads the charge. With magic and command over fire serpents at her disposal, she has nothing to fear. The Dragon Witch Furionchires Statue depicts this fearsome fighter in all her glory. This hand-painted resin figurine is based on the artwork of Nene Thomas and features the character Furionchires standing confidently on the battlefield, clad in armor. Her red hair blows back in the breeze, tangling itself around the paws of the formidable red dragon perched on her shoulders with its wings spread and its jowls hanging open in a snarl. Like her dragon, Furionchires is also ready for combat, her katana drawn and held out by her side. The Dragon Witch Furionchires Statue is the perfect collectible for fans of fantasy and powerful female characters.

Based on artwork by Nene Thomas
Measures: 12.5" H x 4.75" W x 6.75" D
Material: Hand-painted cold cast resin



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