Flower Fairies Apple Blossom Fairy

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This adorable baby apple blossom secret garden flower fairy and wishing well figure is sure to delight all who see it. It depicts the tiniest little fairy climbing up the side of a wishing well to take a look inside. No fear, though, her wings are fully opened and ready to prevent her from a tumble! The well is built of old stones and uses a morning glory flower for a rooftop. There is a bright red bucket and rustic old handle full of rich details. This is a charming figure that captures a sense of magic and curiosity.


  • Measures: Baby Apple Blossom: 1.5" High Wishing Well: 4.25" High
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flower Fairies is the first fairy gardening collection produced specifically with children in mind. 
  • Based on the story from Cicely Mary Barker these fairies beautifully replicate the look of each character.