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Abby Goes to School Fairy Garden Miniature

Abby Goes to School Fairy Garden Miniature

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Grab your backpack. It is time to go to school! Little Abby, at just 3-inches tall, is ready to start her day at the fairy garden school. She picked out a bright red dress and matching hair bows, but when it comes to shoes, Abby would rather go barefoot in the garden soil. At least her books and home work are safe inside her backpack. She carries a blue satchel decorated with a delicate flower and a timely reminder, “be kind.” This word helps her stay focused and present, especially since the garden school requires facemasks. Abby is masked up and ready for a healthy, happy day at school.

  • Wire stake for placement
  • Dimensions 3.25" H x 1.5" W



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