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Expecting Fairy Figruine

Expecting Fairy Figruine

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A beautiful fairy in her late term pregnancy is conversing with her magical fae rabbit. She sits on a giant toadstool mushroom, dressed in hues of pink. This inspirational and heart touching sculpture is perfect as gifts for Mother's Day, Baby Shower, Birthday, Christmas and more! Fairy sightings are incredibly rare, yet the most special of these appearances is that of fairy mother-to-be. The Expecting Fairy Statue depicts a fairy holding her rounded belly, awaiting the birth of her child. She sits upon a toadstool with a white rabbit beside her and flowers at her feet. Her single-sleeved dress mimics the reddish shade of her wings. This heartwarming piece makes a fine addition to the home of fairy enthusiasts or a charming gift for an expectant mother in your life! Measures: 8" H x 4.75" W Material: Resin



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