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Autumn Dyrad Fairy Figurine

Autumn Dyrad Fairy Figurine

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The Autumn Dryad Fairy Statue depicts a fairy who has devised a new approach to the fall season. Instead of weathering the cold season in her present form, she is gradually turning herself into a tree in order to sleep through the chilly months. This beautiful statue features vivid colors and stands on a simple round base composed of gray rocks, decorated with overgrown roots, red and white mushrooms, blades of grass, and autumnal leaves. A gnarled and twisted tree trunk grows up from the base, gradually turning into a fair-skinned fairy as she transforms herself into a tree. It is hard not to look at the Autumn Dryad Fairy Statue and not see the fall season, and with such stunning detail and color, it is easy to see why this fairy figurine would make a great addition to almost any style of fantasy décor. 

Measures: 12.75 inches 
Material: Hand-painted resin



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