Teardrop Bell Butterfly Hanging Chime

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The piece hangs from a chain in three sections consisting of a metal teardrop with a teardrop angel in the center, a green colored butterfly and a copper colored bell. Each hanging teardrop and bell has a message hangtag attached which reads "Butterflies are angels That let us know Our loved ones are Smiling down on us From Heaven".

Butterflies are considered by many to be a symbol of new life and, if you remember, there was a movie that said that each time a bell rang an angel got its wings. This hanging teardrop, butterfly, bell decoration is filled with symbols of hope especially if you use it as a remembrance of someone who is no longer with you. It could also be given to someone you know who is experiencing a time of loss and sadness as a sign of your care, compassing and sympathy.

Measures: 27" x 2.5"

Material: Metal and Glass