Merrifield House

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Every wee person in the miniature garden knows that Merrifield is a very good carpenter. His skills are a little cockeyed, since the roofs of his homes tend to tilt to one side. The Merrifield House is an example of his design. Even with an obvious lean of the roof, the Merrifield House is a sturdy cottage. With the thatched looking roof, this tiny cottage is oozing with charm and character from the rosy pink color accenting the 2.75-inch high opening front door to the dusty blue shutters framing the windows. Terra Cotta colored flowerpots, with cheerful blooming flowers, flank both sides of the house
  • Door opens and closes
  • Hand-coated
  • All-weather paint

Dimensions: 5 1/2" Wide x 4 1/2" Deep x 8 1/8" High